Defending Against Municipal and Traffic Court Charges

Many individuals don't take municipal court seriously enough. They assume that a traffic ticket, shoplifting charge, dispute with a neighbor, or other small charge won't result in a serious penalty. What they don't realize is that every charge goes on "their record." In addition, multiple traffic violations can lead to license suspension and multiple drug possession charges can put someone in jail. The best way to prevent future consequences is to act now, even if this is your first experience with the criminal justice system.

When I first came to Mike Farhi, my driving record was a mess. My license was suspended and I had serious motor vehicle charges against me in 7 courts across New Jersey. I had to pay someone to take me to and from work and I thought that the fines I'd have to pay would take the rest of my life! But slowly but surely, Mike cleaned up my record. He went to those 7 courts, negotiated and sometimes fought with prosecutors and judges and got charges dropped or reduced. After that, he went with me to the Motor Vehicle Commission to make sure I could drive again. Anytime we needed to meet, he'd work around my job schedule and took my calls early in the morning or late at night. It was a tough experience, but I'm glad I had Mike Farhi to guide me through it. E.B.

Kates Nussman Ellis Farhi & Earle, LLP, represents individuals throughout northern New Jersey in municipal court and traffic court matters. Our New Jersey traffic court lawyers and municipal court attorneys frequently defend charges involving motor vehicle violations (speeding, reckless driving, etc.), DWI / drunk driving, shoplifting, assault and battery, and drug possession. Whatever municipal court charges you face, contact our law firm for experienced and aggressive representation.

Northern New Jersey Municipal Courts

Every county has a central municipal court. We recommend hiring an attorney with experience in the municipal court where you must appear. Our law firm handles municipal court cases in courts throughout northern New Jersey.

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