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Entitled to Working Heat - Warranty of Habitability

800px-Flats_at_bristol_harbour_arp.jpgAfter a brutally cold New Jersey winter full of snowstorms, many of us are probably grateful for the heat we had in our homes - that is, if it was working. Problems with heat or other utilities in a rental home or apartment in the past likely led you to contact your landlord. He or she probably didn't wait too long to fix the problem, but if he did, you could have a claim against him.

Anti-Bullying Act Applies to Teachers

school.pngSchools are a common setting for bullying. It oftentimes takes place between two students, but can be committed by any person against any other person. Any bullying complaints, proceedings, and findings are governed by New Jersey's Anti-Bullying Act (the "Act"), N.J.S.A. 18A:37-13 to -32. In a recent case, S.G. v. Board of Education of the Hunterdon Central Regional School District, Hunterdon County, a New Jersey Appeals Court looked at bullying by a teacher against a student.

Computer Crimes by an Employee

officee.jpgThe decision to hire an employee doesn't usually involve a consideration of whether the employer-employee relationship might deteriorate in the future. Much like an engagement to be married, people tend to focus on the expected benefits, not the potential pitfalls. But relationships of all kinds can falter and erode - and employment relationships are no different. The law has always captured this conundrum in its employment laws and regulations. It has also deliberately kept up with the ways employees and employers communicate and do business now, much of which is online and with computers.

Rights to Revenge Porn

keyboard.PNGRevenge porn, also known as "sextortion," involves exposing or distributing sexually explicit images or video of someone without that person's consent. Oftentimes, it takes the form of blackmail with one party threatening to release the sexual content unless the person depicted does or does not do something. Rihanna and Kim Kardashian are just two of countless celebrities who have faced revenge porn threats. Celebrities are not the only people who are subject to revenge porn though.

A Fact-finding Family Court Hearing Requires Special Notice to Pro Se Litigants

courtroom.PNGThe average person sometimes does not understand the legal consequences of their actions. To deal with that, the law has several "built-in" procedures to protect the average citizen from making mistakes of serious legal consequence.