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May Is Mental Health Awareness Month

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Each year millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental illness. During May, mental health organizations and advocacy groups will raise awareness about mental health. Each year, in fact every day, those suffering from a mental illness and in their families are also burdened by stigma and misunderstanding by employers, neighbors and other members of their communities. Discrimination based on mental illness in employment, in housing, or in public accommodations is illegal and our firm handles those claims.

The purpose of Mental Health Awareness Month is to raise awareness and educate the public about: mental illnesses, such as the 18.1% of Americans who suffer from depressionschizophrenia, and bipolar disorder; the realities of living with these conditions; and strategies for attaining mental health and wellness. It also aims to draw attention to suicide, which can be precipitated by some mental illnesses. Additionally, Mental Health Awareness Month strives to reduce the stigma (negative attitudes and misconceptions) that surrounds mental illnesses.

For 2021’s Mental Health Awareness Month, the message will be “You Are Not Alone.” Those organizations will use this opportunity to focus on the healing value of connecting in safe ways, prioritizing mental health and acknowledging that it’s okay to not be okay. Please share personal stories, contributed to organizations and most of all, be present for family members, friends, coworkers and others who feel need your support – not just in May, but everyday. Email Mike Farhi at Kates Nussman ([email protected]) if you believe that you may be a victim of discrimination.