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October Has International Day of the Girl Child

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International Day of the Girl Child is celebrated annually on October 11 to highlight and draw attention towards the challenges that girls’ face. It is also necessary to focus on their human rights and empowerment.

Like its adult version, International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8, International Day of the Girl Child acknowledges the importance, power, and potential of adolescent girls by encouraging the opening up of more opportunities for them. At the same time, this day is designated to eliminate gender-based challenges that little girls face around the world, including child marriages, poor learning opportunities, violence, and discrimination.

Some shocking facts:

  1. Little girls become brides at a young age
    Around 33,000 girls are married off every day around the world.
  2. HIV is prevalent among girls
    An estimated 340,000 girls and young women are infected with the virus every year and currently more than 3 million girls and young women are living with HIV all over the world.
  3. Girls think husbands are entitled to beat wives
    Around 44% of the girls between 15 to 19 years of age think it’s okay for a husband to beat his wife.
  4. They do more unpaid child labor than boys
    Girls between five to 14 spend more than 28 hours doing labor, which is twice the time spent by boys.
  5. Girls are shamelessly trafficked for sexual exploitation
    96% of human trafficked individuals for sexual exploitation are girls and women.

What can you do?

  1. Make the girls around you feel special!
    Why make girls around us feel special only on their birthdays or a special date? Appreciate your adolescent daughter, sister, or any other young lady in your life by giving them a token of your appreciation and by empowering them in any way you can think of.
  2. Share a true story on social media
    Back the mission of International Day of the Girl Child by sharing true stories about any of the challenges and issues faced by girls, as well as under-recognized achievements and contributions by them. They can be girls you know or yourself. Feel free to keep it anonymous!