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Bullying, Privacy, and Harassment

In a 2019 case, a victim sent photos of her intimate parts to her then partner throughout their one-week relationship. He posted and distributed her photos and her name and address on the internet, without her consent. He was criminally charged with third-degree invasion of privacy, denied pre-trial intervention and made himself liable for money damages.

New Jersey law gives rights to women and men who have their rights to privacy violated. A person can recover money damages for “personal hardships,” if there is a “link” between the breach of privacy and the personal hardships. That means that the offender’ conduct is of a type that a “reasonable person” would find highly offensive.

It is a criminal offense if an offender intentionally observes, records and/or discloses the recording of a person’s intimate parts or sexual conduct, without consent, When that person has a “reasonable expectation of privacy.”

This can include “spying” on a person in a bedroom, bathroom, or changing room and revenge porn posting of pictures or videos by a former boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse. Unfortunately, as technology becomes more sophisticated and intrusive, the opportunities for violation become greater. But there are solutions and remedies.