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Firm Overview

A Tradition of Providing Quality Legal Services

Since our founding in Union City, New Jersey in 1913 by John Platoff, our firm earned reputation as one of the few apolitical, quality firms in Hudson County. We have maintained our reputation as we grew and transitioned to Bergen County in 1993.

It is a history that continues to maintain relationship with second and third-generation clients and family-owned businesses. We pride ourselves in our adherence certain basic protocols:

  • Communication with our clients.
  • Commitment to positive results by efficient means.
  • Personal attention to detail. Every case is different.
  • Intense investigation, research and evaluation.

A Strong Presence in Our Legal Community

Throughout our history, attorneys at our firm have held prominent positions, such as : first general counsel to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission; judges of trial level of the Superior Court of New Jersey; a presiding judge of the Appellate Division of the Superior Court of New Jersey and counsel to a former New Jersey Governor. Many of our past and present attorneys have served on the New Jersey Supreme Court Ethics Committee and have been commended for pro bono and volunteer service.

Contact Our Firm

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