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National Mom And Pop Business Owners Day Is This Month

March 29 is a holiday for all hard-working small business owners. The day exists to celebrate your business achievements and the positivity you bring to your local communities. We understand the hours of hard work you’ve put into helping your business exist, grow, and thrive and on March 29, the entire nation recognizes your achievements. This year, it has special significance.

Without the business acumen of entrepreneurs behind Mom and Pop businesses, this country would be a very different place. Studies show that small businesses account for two-thirds of net job growth and 44% of U.S. economic activity.

As everyone knows, small businesses, especially in the food service and hospitality industries, have been devastated by the Covid 19 pandemic. At least prior to the late February 2021 introduction of a revised PPP program tailored to businesses with less than 20 employees, government assistance like the CARES Act and the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) unvenly distributed funds and they fortunately did not go to many of the small businesses that needed them the most.

We offer our sympathy to those Mom-and-Pop business owners who did not make it through the pandemic and give kudos to those who did. Hopefully, this year’s Mom and Pop holiday will be one to truly celebrate!