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Michael Farhi

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2023 Martindale-Hubbell Award | Michael Farhi | Highest Possible Rating in Both Legal Ability & Ethical Standards
Whether it’s enforcing your rights under a contract, litigating a complex business dispute, handling the intricate details of employment discrimination claims, or helping a parent protect their child from school bullying, Attorney Michael Farhi and his team can handle these legal challenges with an eye toward cost-saving measures for his clients.

Mike (as he’s known to friends and clients) is an avid writer on many legal topics for his firm’s website. He believes sharing information and educating people about developments in the law is essential. Mike directs his energy toward advocacy. He has a strong conviction to fight for the rights of women; in the workplace, in their relationships with spouses or significant others. He also holds a special place in his heart for children who are victims of sexual assault and abuse and will passionately pursue every legal remedy to protect them. To support this effort, he strives to maintain a heavy presence on social media to reach as many people as possible.

What I do is protect and enforce the rights of individuals and small businesses. First, by helping them avoid litigation through strong and smart contracts and other types of what I call “risk avoidance.” Second, when necessary, litigating or negotiating enforcement of those contract or other legal rights under the law. That includes protecting them against frivolous (or what I call “junk”) lawsuits. – Attorney Michael Farhi

Business Representation & Litigation

In the fast-paced and competitive world of business, hard work and collaboration leads to growth and success. But disputes will arise, with employees, competitors, customers, vendors, business partners and insurance companies. When attempts to solve a problem reach an impasse between business people, Mike is ready to help. He takes the time to understand and protect your business. Over his 40 plus years, Mike has gained the knowledge, experience and resources to explore creative options and devise cost-effective strategies to resolve business disputes, in or out of court. If he can resolve the dispute quickly and cost-effectively through negotiations, mediation or arbitration, Mike will do so.

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Employment Law

Mike has defended and prosecuted claims of discrimination (sex, sexual orientation, age, ancestry, race, national origin, nationality, marital status and physical or mental disability). He negotiates with unions, drafts, employment, non-compete, severance and settlement agreements. He also tackles wage and hour, overtime, unemployment and other administrative claims, including restaurants, which are vulnerable to those claims. Mike writes personnel policies and advises clients on employee relations. He is a walking HR department!

The biggest problem I’ve seen in Employment Law cases is when an employer has no Policies and Procedures. That means that there is no guidance for owners and managers to deal with an employee requesting sick leave, or who is claiming that she’s been sexually harassed by her supervisor or co-employee, or who has gone to the Department of Labor with a complaint or unpaid overtime. Having policies in place tells not just supervisors, but company employees, what the rules of the workplace are.

An Advocate For Victims

Mike understands that despite the progress made toward equality, women remain the primary victims of domestic violence, which includes dating abuse, on the job discrimination and harassment and cyber-bullying, revenge porn, spying from exes, and others. New Jersey has powerful protections for assault victims. It’s important to note that abuse takes many forms. It can be physical or emotional. Harassment occurs via means of stalking in person, via text or social media. Another group of victims are children who are sexually abused by adults. Children may reach adulthood before speaking out because of threats, shame and fear instilled in them by their abuser. However, many times something will trigger a need in them to “open up” about what happened. While Mike is not a mental health professional, he can advocate for compensation for the damage caused by such abuse.

A big advantage that Mike brings to his representation is an all-inclusive team of lawyers. For example, a female attorney can bring a unique perspective to a legal case. In addition, a female victim may feel more comfortable sharing the difficult details of her situation with another woman. This empathy applies as well to LGBT relationships, which can also, of course, end in violence and abuse.

Misogyny still exists in the daily lives of many women. It can cause great physical and emotional harm, but it also holds them back both personally and professionally. There are a number of legal remedies for spousal violence, harassment by exes in dating relationships that went bad, hostile work environments and abuse of children. It’s my job to aggressively pursue those remedies for my clients. – Attorney Michael Farhi

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Admitted To Practice

  • The Superior Court of New Jersey
  • The Appellate Courts of New Jersey
  • The Federal District Courts in New Jersey
  • The Supreme Courts in New York
  • The Appellate Courts of New York
  • The Southern and Eastern District Federal Courts of New York


  • Seton Hall University School of Law, Newark, New Jersey
  • Ramapo College of New Jersey

Professional Associations And Memberships

  • Bergen County Bar Association
  • New York State Bar Association
  • American Association for Justice
  • New Jersey Society of Human Rights Managers