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Data Privacy Day

January has many “silly” days, but two are important. One, of course, is Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday on January 18. The other is Data Privacy Day on January 28. As we move further into the 21st Century, data privacy has become more and more important, especially since it’s become easier and easier to acquire. The theft of personal data includes every conceivable type of private information, including employment information and intimate photographs and messages.

Illegally and improperly getting that information is being accomplished by young kids, cyber crooks, and even foreign governments. “Revenge porn” by ex boyfriends and girlfriends is an increasing problem. But there are criminal laws in New Jersey to punish offenders and “Intrusion upon seclusion” is a recognized claim here.

Data Privacy Day is an important reminder for everyone to protect his/her personal information and for businesses to make positive and effective efforts to protect the privacy of their customers and of their employees. That can include putting in place policies and identifying and eliminating weaknesses in their security systems.