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April 2012 Archives

Push for Alimony Reform in New Jersey Draws Some Concerns

New Jersey, along with several states across the nation, currently faces a movement to reform its alimony laws. A recent article in The New York Times detailed the reform effort, which has been spearheaded by alimony payers who hope that, among other things, a revised law will curtail permanent alimony and ease the financial burdens which they believe that alimony imposes on them.

Be Happy, Not Unconstitutional - Court Finds Anti-Gay T-Shirt Protected Under the First Amendment

In Illinois, the words "Be Happy, Not Gay" was printed on the back of T-shirts worn by two high school students and sent shock waves through the student body and the courts. In 2007, two students at a public high school wore the T-shirts to express their two students' disapproval of the homosexual lifestyle. After the expected uproar, the school district banned any clothing with that slogan. The students then sued the school district in federal court for violating their First Amendment right to free speech.

Divorce and Your Business

The most immediate impact of a divorce is on the family unit. The bonds between wife and husband and children and parents are broken or at best damaged. But identifying and dividing marital assets can have just as great an impact and long-term consequences. Every current or potential business owner contemplating divorce should ask "what's love got to do with it?" when thinking about those consequences.