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April 2016 Archives

Fighting Foreclosure in New Jersey

forec.jpgFacing a foreclosure may be frightening and may make you feel helpless. But remember that in New Jersey, mortgage lenders must follow specific procedures to lawfully foreclose on a property - they cannot just take your property. This process allows property owners to fight back on the foreclosure by raising any applicable legal defense in their case.

What is a Hostile Work Environment?

office.jpgFor most of us, the goal of employment is to do what you like in a place where the environment is friendly, safe and productive. While not everyone is in that exact situation, there's a right to be safe where you work. New Jersey provides employees protection against a "hostile work environment" through its Law against Discrimination (LAD) and the 1993 case of Lehmann v. Toys R, Inc.

Stop Thief! Not So Easy When It's Identity Theft

id.jpgWhile advances in technology have forever transformed and streamlined commercial and administrative processes, they also provides more opportunities for criminals to steal from unsuspecting victims. Tech-savvy thieves can use a person's identifiers (such as social security and credit card numbers) to commit fraud and other crimes. The Federal Trade Commission estimates that about 9 million Americans have their identities stolen annually. Where once criminals were limited to physically stealing wallets and dumpster-diving for carelessly disposed information, they now have phishing (the use of scam emails), skimming (using devices to pick up information from swiped cards), and pretexting (the use of scam text messages) at their disposal.

New Jersey Temporary Disability Benefits - The "Flip Side" of Unemployment

hoss.jpgNew Jersey's Temporary Disability Benefits (TDB) Law provides qualified employees who have suffered from a non-work related sickness or injury with up to 26 weeks of partial wage replacement. If you are injured on the job, the benefits of the Workers Compensation law applies.

Insurance Policies for "Dummies"

ins.PNGAmber recently graduated from college, and, for the first time, could support herself financially. While she was vaguely aware about the importance of insurance during college-her enrollment required health insurance, after all - the process of shopping for the best policies - and learning what those policies provided, was unknown to her. She planned on simply buying the cheapest options and letting the rest take care of itself.

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