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December 2017 Archives

Estate Litigation and Will Contests - The Last Thing On Your Mind

800px-Courtroom.jpgPerhaps one of the worst times to engage in legal entanglements is after the death of a loved one. Unfortunately, fighting over the estate of a deceased, or "estate litigation," is extremely common. From disputing heirs to will contests, the management and division of the estate of someone who has died is territory ripe for legal conflict.

New Jersey has the best anti-bullying laws in the United States

gavel123.PNGOnce upon a time, New Jersey bullying laws only covered acts of physical violence between students. Now, the state laws define bullying as "any conduct that has the possibility of disrupting a student's learning environment." So bullying may include verbal threats to a student, psychological threats like spreading rumors, or traditional physical violence. Bullying also includes cyberbullying - student harassment that occurs over cell phones, social media, and other electronic outlets.

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