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June 2019 Archives

Divorced Parents' Religious Wishes for their Children

Girl Praying.jpgReligious upbringing of children is a major point of contention for divorced parents. When parents are of different religious faiths, each parent may have their own idea of the beliefs with which their children should be raised. In some cases, the parties or a court may have decided that a certain parent can choose the primary religious upbringing. This does not mean, though, that the parties are limited in exposing their children to other religions.  

When is Someone a "Habitual Drunkard" to Allow for Weapons Forfeiture?

Drunk Man.jpgLaw enforcement officers are entrusted by society to protect society and its principles. They are permitted and issued firearms for this purpose, largely as a matter of law. This privilege to carry firearms is not absolute though, and can be revoked in certain circumstances, even when not directly related to work environment; an officer's home life and personal habits can be used by the courts in their assessment. 

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