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January 2017 Archives

The Rules for Garnishing Wages in NJ

cash.jpgA December 29th New Jersey appeal confirmed the statutory requirement (N.J.S.A. 2A:17-51) that a defendant's employer must be served by a sheriff in order to initiate a wage garnishment process.

Getting Asylum In The U.S. Is Neither Cheap Nor Easy

gavve.jpgUnited States immigration law is incredibly complex, namely because so many federal/state agencies are involved. One part of the law says that immigrants in the United States are, in specific instances, able to apply for asylum. In order to qualify to petition, a person must fall under the definition of "refugee":

Landlords Can Only Sue For What Is Owed Now

aptt.jpgA December 12 2016 decision by an Appeals Court Judge considered a trial judge's dismissal of a landlord's lawsuit against its tenant for nonpayment of rent. The property owner claimed that the trial judge should not have denied its application to correct the lawsuit papers to include rent that was not due and owing at the time the lawsuit was first filed. It also disputed the judge's decision to award legal fees to tenant's attorney, who worked for a legal aid society. The higher court ultimately decided that the decision to dismiss the nonpayment of rent claim was correct, but the counsel fees award as a punishment of the landlord was not.