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November 2015 Archives

Both Sides Lose in Religious Discrimination Claim

religion-IR.jpgTwo Muslim truck drivers were fired for refusing to ship alcohol because of their religious beliefs. They sued their employer, Star Transport, Inc. and ultimately were successful in a big win for the federal government's Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which brought the case. Each of the men was asked by their dispatcher to pick up a load of beer - they said that they couldn't because of their Islamic religion.

Bullying Laws and Private Schools

imgres.jpgIn 2011, after media coverage of a string of teen suicides across the country and a report that New Jersey's school bullying rates were higher than the national average, the State passed the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act, which reformed its prior-and notably weaker- 2002 legislation. The Act, which defines bullying as the creation of "a hostile environment," extends to all bullied students whether or not they belong to a constitutionally protected class (such as being a racial or religious minority), and applies to bullying behavior that takes place at or near a school, on school buses, and online.

Big Change in Divorce Law - A Warning for Spouses Paying Support

divorce.gifFor parties involved in a divorce with child support at issue, the process has just become simpler. A Family Court Judge in Ocean County recently ruled on how the "effective date for the retroactive establishment of an initial child support obligation" should be decided.

Companion Animals for the Disabled - When & Where

F70E162F8D (1).jpgIndividuals with disabilities may use service animals and emotional support animals for a variety of reasons. A person requiring either a service animal or an emotional support animal has certain rights under federal and state law. The first step to getting this protection is to meet the requirements under federal and state law of having a disability.