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November 2018 Archives

Modern Relationships and New Jersey Courts

Rough Sex.jpgEvolving dating and sexual practices routinely confront the legal system. From dating apps to open relationships, peoples' love lives are as colorful and unique as our society. A New Jersey Appellate Court recently took a closer look at who can be a victim of domestic violence and what is consent in the context of non-traditional relationships. 

Mandatory Arbitration Agreements - New Jersey Court Finds a Loophole

Distressed Woman.jpgMany employees and consumer enter into arbitration agreements with their employers and companies that provide goods and services. This agreement, or a clause in a larger agreement, guarantees that the parties will go to arbitration rather than take their claims to trial. But arbitration agreements are like any other contract; they must meet certain requirements to be valid. One of these is specificity - so that all parties are aware of what rights they are getting and giving up. Courts in New Jersey and all over the country have invalidated contracts for lack of clarity in this area.

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