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April 2017 Archives

Is Revenge In A Divorce Worth The Costs? Duh!

800px-Courtroom.jpgAn April 4th appeal involved the conclusion of an incredibly litigious and bitter divorce. Arguing pro se (representing oneself), the Defendant (Appellant) ex-husband challenged the lower court's calculation in its 2013 Final Judgment of Divorce that he ultimately owed his ex-wife $268,804. The court ruled because it has tremendous discretion in making calculations. There is no set-in-stone formula, but a rather more holistic approach is applied.

Make Sure Your Trustees Are Trustworthy

gavel123.PNGIn 1997, H.L. both created and acted as the trustee of his own irrevocable trust until 2008, when his daughter L.L. assumed the role. H.L. died on January 27, 2012. The trust required that it be used for his benefit during his life, and then special bequests of $25,000 each be given to his three grandchildren. It also instructed that the remainder of the trust be equally divided among his three daughters. His estate also included a Brooklyn co-op.

Contracts 101: What Are The Key Parts Of Any Good Contract?

contraccct.PNGA contract is often referred to as the only forum where people come together to essentially "make their own law." For the most part this is true, since you are able to make an agreement with any number of parties to achieve a certain result; whether it is a contract for the sale of goods, services, or a promise to do or refrain from doing something. But contract law is not as simple and easy as many might assume, as shown by the great number of contract-based lawsuits that clog up the courts. What then are some key parts of a good contract that might help you avoid future litigation?