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July 2018 Archives

Text Messages Not Meant for Your Ex

Text Messages.jpgWhen you have multiple devices that are connected through a cloud-based server, they allow you to access everything on that server, through any of your devices. This is generally the reason most people choose to have access to a cloud-based server to begin with - you will always have the document you need. 

Text Messages Not Meant for Your Ex

Divorce and Life Insurance

Life Insurance.jpgLife insurance is an interesting product for consumers. It's designed not to benefit the consumer himself/herself, but his/her beneficiaries after he/she passes away. It's even more interesting when a divorce is involved. When a spouse is listed on a life insurance policy during marriage, a divorce can trigger a desire to change one's policy to remove the now ex-spouse. Many parties choose to put a clause in their marriage settlement agreements to address these situations. But, where they are silent, a court may have to decide the proper course of action.  

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