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June 2017 Archives

If Your Job Gives You Headaches Let Your Boss Know Before Resigning

download.jpgA late April NJ appeals decision affirmed a finding that Y.R. was disqualified from unemployment benefits because she left her job voluntarily. She suffered from debilitating headaches/migraines since 2006, and has been on various medications to treat that. She began working at a company during 2011 in accounts receivable and was responsible for a host of tasks including assisting patients with insurance claims, answering phones, and ordering supplies.

Never Use A Child To Get Back At A Soon-To-Be Ex

640px-Gavel_1.pngAn appeal last month decided that a parent deemed more likely to co-parent cooperatively deserves primary residential custody even if that parent isn't exactly stellar. R.A. (ex-wife) married B.A. (ex-husband) in 2007 and had a son with him in 2009. In 2011, the couple filed for divorce and R.A. left their home to stay with her parents in Brooklyn, taking the child and his belongings, without giving the father any notice. "Defendant claimed she feared for [child's] safety if left with plaintiff since he possessed a gun." The lower court decided that she simply withheld the child to retaliate against the father "...because she believed plaintiff was having an affair and hiding assets from her with his business partner."

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