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June 2012 Archives

How Not to Handle Disgruntled Employee Claims

If your company has been sued for sex discrimination and your lawyer tells you that the claim is weak, don't get exited too fast. If something bad happened to the employee after she complained about the "discrimination," you may be stuck defending a much stronger retaliation claim. Employers facing a potential discrimination lawsuit, you have to be extra careful to avoid doing anything that could give the employee a much stronger retaliation claim. There are tough decisions to be made, but the wrong ones by an employer can hand her or him the basis for a large award, plus attorney's fees.

Obesity and Employers: Workers throwing their weight around in the workplace.

It's well known that obesity can have a negative impact on your health, but there is now a hidden consequence that may be surprising to employers. Workers' weight issues can have a significant impact in the workplace, resulting in everything from absenteeism to productivity problems. Employers need to proceed with great caution because it is illegal to discriminate against an employee who is obese.

Cars & Technology - Driving Down a Slippery Slope?

Technology is now an indispensable part of our daily lives, even in our cars and on the roads. It involves everything from the EZ-Passes in our cars to the GPS systems that save us from getting lost. However, there are disadvantages to the widespread use of technology, such as the loss of privacy. At what point does technology stop being beneficial and morph into an intrusion of people's lives?

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