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May 2017 Archives

A Lawsuit Under the Family Medical Leave Acts Requires a 50 Employee Minimum

doc.pngA late April appeal decided whether or not a person can prolong fruitless efforts to show that an employer employed fifty people, in order to trigger claims under the Federal Family Leave Act or the New Jersey Family Leave Act. The court said no.

Mysterious People & Rude Comments Don't Equal Unemployment Benefits

defaul.pngAn early May Appeals Court decision said that being required to keep performance logs in response to substandard work, a comment alluding to race and the existence of "mysterious people" who ask how you are doing when exiting your office does not amount to a work environment that justifies resigning from a job and getting unemployment benefits.

Vacations & Unemployment Benefits Don't Mix

palmtree.PNGJ.S. appealed pro se (on his own behalf) two June 2015 final decisions by the Board of Review of the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development that dealt with 2 negative unemployment benefits decisions made against him. After the first decision denied benefits, he appealed and got a different (and better) decision. The Board of Review, the highest authority to which someone can appeal a benefits denied, short of going to Court, did a final review and said that the first decision should stand, because the second one improperly addressed the exact same questions. The case then went to an appellate court, which confirmed the Board of Review's decision.