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Farhi’s Successful Result For A Contractor

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2022 | Firm News

Farhi’s Successful Result For A Contractor

Sexual harassment in the workplace

The newly constructed home was finished and it was another job well done. The buyer was happy and my client moved on to new projects.

Years later, neighbors on the street complained of flooding and filed a lawsuit against the owner next door. More than a year after that and close to the date for trial, the client was brought into the case, suddenly blamed for the problem.

But the evidence collected during that year plus showed that flooding was common on the entire street after heavy rains. There was no witness or professional engineer who said my client was at fault. And it had specifically designed the house to avoid water going onto neighboring properties.

First, I wrote to the other lawyer demanding that the case against my client be dropped. He refused. Then I filed an application for a judge to dismiss it. There was now a “clock running.” If the lawsuit wasn’t dropped by a certain date and the judge dismissed it, those homeowners would have to pay my legal fees.

With just days to go and pressure building, the lawsuit was dropped. Since then, my client has gone on to build many other homes, its reputation for quality work intact.

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